Massage is a therapy to relax body through manipulation of muscles and tissues of the body. Various techniques of massages are generally applied through hands, elbows, knees, fingers and feet.

There are several techniques used in massage therapy such as deep tissue massage, Thai massage, sports massage and pregnancy massage. A not so common but very beneficial massage is Remedial Massage. The term Remedial Massage is derived from the word Remedy. Remedial massage is used to repair damaged areas of the body.

How the therapist does Remedial Massage?

In remedial massage, the therapist applies pressure on various parts of the body and tries to find the areas from where pain is inducing. To do his job well, the therapist may ask you several questions before beginning the massage.

The questions are to track your health condition and pain history. After getting idea about your health conditions, the therapist lets you lie on the massage table and covers you with tower. Then the therapist uses oil or cream to massage your body parts.

The therapist will try to find the areas where more pressure or focus is required and then he will focus on those particular areas to do Remedial Massage.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

Remedial massage has a number of benefits including regulation of blood circulation, fix the joints and make them flexible, and help in repairing damaged tissues.

Remedial massage helps a person recover from injuries or damaged tissues. Some of the health problems which may be easily addressed with the help of remedial massage include spondylitis, frozen shoulder, fibrositis and muscular atrophy.

Remedial Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

There are times when remedial massage is confused with deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is similar to remedial massage including putting pressure on muscles to rejuvenate tissues.

However, deep tissue massage does not focus on any particular body area to remedy the pain or damage of the tissues. Deep tissue massage is done all over the body to rejuvenate the tissues and help pain relief.

The effects of deep tissue massage may be comparable with remedial massage in some case. However, in many cases the effects are completely different. For example, if a person needs to work on his frozen shoulder, he may get some relief by getting deep tissue massage but it is more effective to have remedial massage.

As the remedial massage will focus majorly on the shoulder, it would be more effective than a deep tissue massage. Remedial massage therapist will also track the improvements sessions through session and formulate strategies to further improve the conditions.

Remedial massage is also common among sportsmen. As it is common with sportsmen to meet with an injury and get therapy to relieve the pain and rejuvenate tissues, remedial massage help them get the task done in effective manner.

The massage is also common for people having joint pain. As the people with joint pain generally have problems with their tissues, remedial massage helps them to great extent. Remedial massage relieves the joint pain and also helps rejuvenate the tissues which ensure that the problem is treated from the root rather than just providing temporary relief.