Foot massage is the most common massage to be received by a person. After a long tiring day, one needs a foot massage to feel good and get some relief.

Feet actually work really hard throughout the day, take all the body weight and go long miles. Therefore, feet deserve some care and massage help protect the muscles of the feet and ease the pain.

It is a great way to ease the stress and boost the energy levels. Foot massage is one of the easiest massages and can be done at home as well.

How to massage feet by yourself

  • Make yourself comfortable. Sit on a comfortable chair or a bed. Place your foot on the other thigh and rub the foot gently.
  • Now take a skin lotion or soothing oil into your hands and rub the toes, heel and arch.
  • A deeper massage with pressure using the knuckles would relieve the muscles. The foot is to be pressed using both hands. Knead your foot using your hands and apply gentle pressure on the muscles of the foot.
  • Gently pulling the toes back and forth or apart will stretch the muscles and relieve the pressure or air bubbles from the foot.
  • Repeat the process with the other foot.

Foot massage can also be done with the help of various types of foot massager available in the market. The devices are low tech devices that provide soothing vibration to the feet and massage the muscles.

As feet are important part of the body and take a lot of pressure and pain, feet are vulnerable and exposed to a lot of ailments. Feet getting unusually cold is a sign that something is wrong and there is need to see a doctor.

Problems in feet can also be a sign of skin cancer and must be dealt with at the earliest. People with diabetes should receive foot massage regularly as it releases the stress and strengthen the nervous system.

Excessive strain and pain of the feet may impact the levels of blood sugar and may also have adverse impact on nervous system of the body. As the pain in feet impacts the nervous system it may lead to serious health problems in people who have to tackle stress frequently.

Having a foot massage increases the level of feel-good hormones such as endorphins which has soothing impact on the nervous system and leads to lesser requirement for pain killers. Foot massage also improves circulation of the blood in body.

Better circulation of blood helps in keeping muscles and tissues healthy. People having conditions like arthritis, long term pain and fibromyalgia, should have foot massage regularly to ensure pain relief and proper circulation of blood.

It is good to have foot massage from a professional to ensure effectiveness of the massage. If anyone has health conditions as mentioned above, must visit a massage parlor regularly to get foot massage and stay healthy.