Introduction to Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the oldest types of massages. It is the most common type of massage that is done throughout the world. Although the name of the massage is Thai and is most commonly done in Thailand, however, this practice was originated in India. The massage is based on ancient knowledge of Indian massage practitioners. The practice is so ancient that it started long back, 2500 to 7000 years ago. Thai massage is famous for relieving stress, healing headache, helping athletes with muscle strains and regulating blood circulation.

How Thai Massage is carried out?

Thai massage is carried out with the help of various poses. While doing massage, the practitioner has to make you lie on the floor comfortably and then help you do some poses. The poses seem like a series of yoga positions and ensure that strains from whole body are relieved. You should inform the practitioner about any health condition history you have had. Some poses are not suitable for people having particular health problem. Cloths should be loose and comfortable. The therapist uses his hands, legs or knees to manipulate your body to make some poses. Therefore, you should leave your body at ease and flexible enough to make poses.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is beneficial in a number of aspects. It relieves stress, boosts energy and enhances person’s flexibility. Thai massage is very much beneficial for athletes as it releases body strains and ease the muscles to ensure that the body is flexible. Flexibility is very much important for athletes and Thai massage helps them in attaining higher flexibility. Also, excess body strain may lead to several problems for athletes, therefore, it is important for athletes to release strain and Thai massage helps them do that.

1. Reduces Stress

Thai massage reduces stress with the help of various yoga poses and massage over pressure points. Too much stress may lead to depression and harm the person’s mental ability to high extent. In stressful times such as corona pandemic, reducing stress is important. Thai massage is an effective therapy to reduce stress in such times.

2. Boosts Energy

Thai massage blows away fatigue from the body and energizes the muscles by removing strains. It is proven in researches that Thai massage increases physical and mental wellbeing as it promotes relaxation, quality of sleep and reduces tension. The massage also ensures that blockages in the muscles are removed and as a result muscles get relaxed and energized.

Improver blood flow is a common problem faced by people these days. Gentle stretches and massage improve blood flow in the body and the tissues in the body get filled with oxygen. In such a way, tissues and muscles of the body get rejuvenated and life of muscles increases. Improving the blood flow in body helps a person get rid of many health issues which he is facing or may face in near future.

There has been debate about how often should a person get Thai massages. There is no set guideline for the frequency to be followed. It varies person to person. One person may feel stressed out, low on energy and muscular issues very frequently while the other person may have better functioning of the body. Therefore, whenever a person feels any of the above issues should get Thai massage.

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